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1/17 Announcement for "Ai No Kotoba" Release | Ayu Inui


All of the stories I have written in Magazine Galette until now will be released in an anthology book! ☀️

The title is "Ai No Kotoba"!

You are now able to reserve it from Galette's official Booth store ※Japanese version only.

If you preorder one, you'll receive a special folder as well as a free greeting paper with a short manga.

I'll also be preparing some signed drawings, so if you are interested please purchase one

The details are as follows:

Release: Feb 25, 2024 B6 Paper, 152 pages 1500 Yen~ (Plus shipping)

<Works Contained>

Ai No Kotoba (First half) Ai No Kotoba (Continuation)


Tomodachi Janai

Hinata No Basho

Kisu Yori Saki-ni Dekiru koto


Iro-ni Koi

10. page greeting paper and comic Galette's official Fantia ▶️

Galette's official FANBOX ▶️


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