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and become a part of YURI HUB

stop piracy and help manga.

First of all, thank you for your purchase.

If you have been directed to this message from a manga you purchased, we thank you for your support. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. The presence of this QR code signifies that the artist prohibits the following six actions. Online piracy has greatly affected many manga artists, so purchasing manga from official distributors can make a significant difference in supporting them.

If you have experience in translation work, including fansubbing and scanlations, we invite you to join YURI HUB and contribute to official translations. We acknowledge that Japan's manga culture wouldn't have gained such popularity without fansubbing and scanlations. Therefore, we kindly request your assistance and encourage you to share your passion and love for manga so that we can continue to enjoy it in the future as well.

free to
use this
qr code.

Anyone can use this QR code to support this STOP PIRACY campaign or to state and express that you don't allow any of the six actions below for your manga work.


STOP PIRACYキャンペーンの賛同表明や、あなたの作品に対して以下の6つの行為を許可したくない場合にお使いください。


Icons are created by Namaniku-sensei.

six actios
YURI HUB's logo.


Thanks for submitting!

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