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6/20 [Announcement] New Series | Ayu Inui

I have a new series starting in July!

The title is "Matou Kimi, Hokorobu Watashi". 💐

This time it'll be working life yuri themed around Kimonos!

I adore working life yuri so I'm delighted to be able to draw it again!!!

It will be available first on Comic Cmoa and then on other digital distribution sites starting in August, so please enjoy them as they come out!


They'll be available to read at sites other than the ones I posted here as well, so feel free to look wherever you normally buy manga! 😌

It seems that if the individual chapters sell well enough it may get a tankobon release 🙇‍♀️

As such, I humbly ask you to buy it if you have any interest! I'd appreciate it a lot.

I've done by best to create a series that I think you all will really enjoy. Until next time. 😊


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