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3/15 Announcement for GAP PINK THEORY Japanese version | Ayu Inui


I was allowed to write a guest review on the "GAP PINK THEORY" Japanese version release 🌸

W-wow.... I'm there on the cover belt...!

I'm deeply deeply grateful that I could be even slightly involved with such amazing work's Japanese version!

I was allowed to read the Japanese version before the official release so that I could write a review commentary and it was so wonderful that I ended up crying...

Seriously, when I was thinking up a review for it the tears wouldn't stop coming.. lol

Both the drama and the original work are amazing, and anyone with any interest should definitely trying reading and/or watching it! (The drama version's Mon and Sam, played by Freen and Becky were both sooooo cute!)

You can get information and such at THAIGL's website!

タイ - ▶️

Also, I was also allowed to draw an illustration in support of the translation project's crowdfunding campaign!

Maybe some of you who supported the crowdfunding campaign already saw this 😊

I put my heart into drawing MonSam in my own style, super adorably~💕

Please please give GAP PINK THEORY a shot and support it!

P.S. Look at the thickness! It's like a dictionary!!

I'm so happy there was so much of it to read.



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