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10/22 Diary | Ayu Inui


I had a signing event in Thailand!

It ended successfully, so this is a reflection article! ☺️

It was my first time in Thailand and my first-ever signing event, so I was delighted to have such a valuable experience in my life!

Upon arriving at the booth, there was a large panel, and I was like, "Eeeeek!!! 😭😭"!!!

Apparently, lily house.-san made it as a surprise, and I was genuinely surprised and happy!!

To have such a large panel made for me... I'm not sure if something like this will ever happen again in my life...

Or rather, I think it's almost impossible?! So, I'm truly, truly happy!!!

And this was also a surprise...!

It turns out that they got messages from the people who were waiting in line for the autograph session...! 😭✨✨

They gave it to me when we went out for dinner, and I was truly on the verge of tears right there in the restaurant... 😢

I felt embarrassed, so I kind of held back... haha

But I was really, truly happy, to the point of talking with a tearful voice...!!

And here are the gifts I received!! I got various items such as recommended products from Thailand, snacks, and tea, and I was so happy to receive them all!!

Each item seemed to be chosen with lots of thought, and as I looked at each one, my heart swelled with happiness ✨✨

I also received many letters, and I was so moved😢!!

Especially the letters with illustrations made my excitement soar!!

Thank you so, so much ✨✨

It was a day filled with joy, and I feel like I can sleep with a happy heart… ☺️❣️

I'll do my best in my own way to draw manga, hoping to receive opportunities like this again 💪

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