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Sab / korewa (she/her) ・27 years old ・SoCal native, 三重→東京 Japan

I'm an aspiring writer/editor and full-time translator currently based in Tokyo, Japan. I've followed the yuri scene since around 2010, which makes it okay to call me old or a little annoying.

I have a PhD in Catholic School Yuri studies, a genre I adore for its gaudy, unnecessary romanticism. In that same vein, I generally enjoy really dramatic series which indulge fully in the inherit melodrama and slight insanity of Being Gay over fluff.

When I'm not thinking about yuri I translate and blog about Japanese TRPGs at 🎲TRPGのセカイ、世界のセカイ🎲 (, though I haven't been doing much of that lately since I've become addicted to UmaMusume: Pretty Derby.

My other interests include spending all of my disposable income on female idols, cycling, doujin EDM, and pretending I still read real books.

Yuri Hub (and its associated sites) is a really exciting project and I'm thrilled to be able to support it even in a limited capacity. It's the kind of service I wish had been available when I young and first getting into yuri, and has the potential to be really great for both new and old fans.


If for some reason you're also interested in the dead-end intersection of tabletop gaming and yuri, I occasionally write my own content and my girls'-school-themed Fiasco module, In the Language of Flowers, is my current magnum opus.

I also ran OOC_yuri over on twitter before abandoning the world of scanlated content, if you were around in like, 2016. It's my one stale breadcrumb of "clout," or whatever.

For inquiries about anything I've translated, or just to say hi:

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Quotes: "Strawberry Panic! was good, actually."

"Please play Flowers: The Tale of Girls Who Grow with a Season, hit yuri VN series by Innocent Grey."

Sab / korewa

Sab / korewa

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