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11/2 Pre-orders Now Open for "Her Kisses and Infectious Libido Omnibus Edition 3" | Miyuki Yorita

Thank you for your ongoing support! It's already November 😲

As the title suggests, we've just started the general pre-orders for "Her Kisses and Infectious Libido Omnibus Edition 3"! Pre-orders are also available at Melon Books starting from 11/3.

↓ You can pre-order it here.*Japanese version only.


*This is the same as the book handled in the crowdfunding rewards. Please be cautious about unexpected duplicate purchases.

*Please wait a little longer for the downloadable version and Kindle version.


↓and, the set of other compilations and the short story published at the Galette Yuri Festival (first online sales!) have also started selling! Thank you in advance for your support. 😊


It's a new release on BOOTH after a long time. We're also accepting autograph requests for plans starting from the FANBOX 300 yen tier! 💪

(Thank you for your patience...!)

If you're interested, please read the relevant section here and contact us after your purchase.

That's all for now, but thank you very much in advance!

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