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1/11 Announcement for the Screening Event on January 13th! | Miyuki Yorita

It's a little bit late now, but Happy New Years!

The year has just began and there's a lot of big things happening, but I do hope everyone is doing well.

On my end, I've been steadily working on the movie screening event preparations...!

The screening is happening this weekend 1/13㈯ at long last, and I'd like to thank everyone who reserved tickets for it.

There's still tickets for the 5 P.M. and 8 P.M. showings, so if there are people still interested in getting one, please do.

I'm increasingly nervous, because unlike a manga event, movie cast, videography team, and their fans are all going to join!

And at the same time, those who are readers and subscribers of my work are going to join as well... so I'm also really happy and reassured.

As always thank you all so much!

Since I'm the creator of the original work, I wanted to show my appreciation as a manga artist! I've decided to give L-size illustration stills (like the top image) to those who are joining!

(I printed them with still photos of the cast members. It's my first time making illustrations into real photographs!)

Those who would like one can talk to either me or the vendor and present us ↓↓THIS↓↓ picture!

Not just my FANBOX supporters, but anyone who is joining may!😆

It's not much, but it'll make a lovely memorabilia of the occasion if you'd like.

On the screening day, my fellow Galette magazine contributor Haru Yatosaki will be present and Nekohariko22 will be helping out! (Eternally thankful)

To those coming this weekend to the event, I'll be pleased to meet you all.

Besides the movie event, as I announced last week, this year there will be a group exhibit event being held!

I'll be keeping you all updated and writing about this gradually.

Please take care of me as I do my best this year!

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