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・ ポストカード2枚 ※ランダムになります。
・ クリアカード
・ ペーパー


This is a set of postcards randomly distributed during Ayu Inui sensei's one-day stint as the manager at Yuri Cafe Anchor in November 2023. It also includes Greeting paper with a short manga and clear cards distributed on the same day, offered as limited special bonuses.

Included items:
- 2 postcards (randomly selected)
- Clear card
- Greeting paper with a short manga


- Limited! Sales on a first-come, first-served basis.
- Postcards are randomly included; designs cannot be chosen.
- In addition to the purchase price, shipping fees will be charged.
- Items will be shipped within 3 business days from the date of purchase.
- No returns or refunds will be accepted, even in the case of product defects.
- Please refrain from engaging in activities that infringe on resale rights.
- For inquiries, please contact us YURI HUB.

【犬井あゆ先生】ランダムポスカセット【数量限定】|【Ayu Inui】Random Postcard Set【Limited】

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